Business Network Servers

Megatechnologies, Inc. can help your organization acquire quality servers from major vendors for business computer networks.  Through our partnerships we can design, install, and service the following types of IT infrastructure equipment:

Equipment for Every Business Infrastructure

» File, document, email, application, and backup servers

» Storage devices

» Desktop and laptop computers

» Thin client computers

» State-of-the-art IP-enabled business telephone systems

Testing Your Business Network Infrastructure

Below are a few very important questions to consider as your organization evaluates its business computer network and phone system infrastructure:

Does your current server fully meet your needs with respect to capacity, speed, reliability?

How about your desktop computer?

Does your current business telephone system allow you to listen to voicemail by visually clicking on a particular message?

Can you be notified by text message to your wireless phone when you get a voicemail at the office or will your current phone system try to find you by phone to deliver the message?

Does your current phone system allow your staff to work from home while still having full access to the office telephone resources?

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