Business Computer Networks

Megatechnologies installed its first computer network in 1985.  The network transport was called ‘Arcnet’ and the operating system was called ‘TurboDOS.’  Of course, these names are not familiar to most because the technology has moved way past this genre.

Windows, Unix, and Linux Computer Networks

Fast forward to today and everyone has heard of Windows.  Many have also heard of Unix and Linux.  We design and support all three of these operating systems on our customers’ computer networks. In fact, we have some customer sites that even utilize more than one type of server operating system.

Our experience in designing quality business computer networks for over over 25 years allows us to provide stable computer networks that permit our clientele to effectively and efficiently provide and manage their business services.

Important Business Computer Network Questions

How long does it take YOUR principal application to launch at your facility?

Do you have more than one server for your office and wonder why?

Are you confident that your data is being protected from disaster with a solid backup plan?

Are you leveraging the Internet for additional efficiency and productivity?

If your organization does not have an adequate answer for any of the questions above, we encourage you to contact us for assistance.

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