Business Computer Workstations

PC workstations are one of the most essential tools that businesses use to communicate with their customers and manage their day to day operational duties.  Having these business machines managed proactively by seasoned IT specialists provides a continuous service health check through the following:

» Building a clear picture of each workstation
» Producing reports on issues
» Highlighting potential risks
» Updating and upgrading software
» Enhancing performance
» Reducing downtime
» Providing on-going support

Key Business Workstation IT Services

While we do not sell pc’s, we can help your organization spec and locate the best-of-breed workstation.  The personal computers and laptops that will be integrated within your organization can be managed effectively by Megatechnologies, Inc. through the following types of Managed Workstation IT services:

Business Computer Workstation ManagementManagement Your Business Workstations

Proper management of the workstations within your organization includes activities that range from IT housekeeping to critical data management and monitoring.  The following are high-level services offered by Megatechnologies, Inc.:

» Backup
» Antivirus
» Disk Space
» Networking
» External Websites
» Security
» Email System
» Hardware
» Performance
» Internet Access Control and Filtering

Why would a business ignore the management and monitoring of such a critical communications tool such as a workstation PC?  We don’t know either!  However, if your organization does not have a good answer for this question, then its time to talk to us.

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