Business Email Management

Functioning email is an integral part of any business.  When email is not available, or, is intermittent in service a great disruption occurs for the operation of any business because an important lifeline of communication has gone missing.

Common Email Issues Affecting Businesses

These are some of the very common and important issues that affect businesses email, and, serve as good reasons why a business should not explore hosting its own email:

» Lost time due to mail server downtime

» Increased costs for repeat email server fixes

» Increased vulnerability to viruses and attacks via email

» Unable to locate important emails and their attachments

» Working server space that is being dedicated towards junk and spam emails

How Businesses are Optimizing Their Email Systems

Email system issues put a financial and time burden on businesses and they also utilize a great deal of time that could otherwise be used for supporting and winning new customers.

Managed Business Email Service

These key areas allow a business to enjoy the following benefits of a properly managed email system:

» Protection from email viruses, spam, and phishing attacks

» Automated security updates

» Protects against email server downtime

» Removes the burden of having to manage your email internally

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