Business IT Training

We always train staff in the use of systems that we design and install.  However, even if we have not installed your information technology infrastructure, we may still be able to assist you with staff training.

IT Challenges for Businesses

Business I.T. systems are becoming more pervasive and more important to business operations than ever before, and more complex as well. Many firms do not fully take advantage of the benefits that their I.T. systems can provide, primarily because staff members may not understand them, or, they are simply unaware of the key features and functionality.

Developing Staff Competency for Business IT Systems

When we design and install a system for a business, one of the components of that process is training the staff in its operation. Method and style of this training varies to suit the needs and environment. We can fully train key personnel in each functional area and assist them in training the rest of their team. We can set up a lab environment in which all staff are guided through common usage scenarios.  And we can supplement both of these methods by either conducting a webinar through which staff can view operations on their monitor while we perform and discuss them, or we can set up remote control of an employees computer and help them analyze and perform functions in which they have an interest.

Having The Right Expectations

Obviously, we do not know everything that the IT industry has to offer.  The IT field has grown so much that it is impossible for any one person to know everything in IT that a business could possibly want or need.

In other words, there is no such thing as an “expert”, there are only specialists. If we find that there is an area of training which would benefit your group but in which we are not well versed, we can assist you in finding a training specialist that possesses the background you require.

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