FacetPhone Systems

Michigan FacetPhone CompanyFacetPhone is a complete phone system designed for small to medium size businesses.  FacetPhone is an IP-PBX that completely integrates the company phone system with the user’s desktop computer.  The FacetPhone system will produce immediate benefits in terms of better customer service, higher personnel productivity with enhanced internal teamwork, and lower administrative costs. FacetPhone is a cost effective and reliable business communications system.

FacetPhone’s all-in-one pricing structure includes voice mail with unified messaging, graphical user interface, presence and availability management, automated attendant, call center functionality with automatic call distribution, computer telephone integration, enterprise instant messaging, branch office support, easy to use graphical administration, and much more. And, FacetPhone is produced by a company with one of the best reputations in the industry for product quality and customer service.

FacetPhone System Features

Telephone User Interface

The FacetPhone system uses SIP (or MGCP) IP phones, soft phones and analog telephones. From the telephone instrument, users may dial, answer, put calls on hold, transfer calls, park calls, pickup parked calls, intercom, page, conference call and manage their voice mail. FacetPhone supports all dial tone connections including PRI T1, Flex or Dynamic T1, all SIP trunks, Skype ConnectTM, and of course analog POTS lines.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

FacetPhone GUIThe FacetPhone GUI provides a powerful desktop computer interface into the phone system. Presence management, graphical call control, instant messaging, visual voice mail management, call recording & monitoring, conference calls and graphical administration are all provided through this interface. However, FacetPhone is designed for people to use a normal telephone for voice conversations. The FacetPhone GUI interface is available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, or any desktop device supporting Java.

Voice Mail

FacetPhone supports all the standard voice mail features through the telephone. But through the computer user interface, voice mail becomes particularly useful and easy to manage. When the user receives a voice mail message, the FacetPhone GUI gives an immediate indicator on the user’s computer screen.

Security: FacetPhone VM security is provided through a user Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Voice Mail Waiting Indicator Phone Light: FacetPhone automatically manages the voice mail waiting indicator light on telephones that have this feature.

Multiple Greetings: The user may define multiple voice mail greetings for different situations depending on their user status.

Graphical User Interface to VM: The user interface allows users to visually sort and manage their voice mail messages. Each voice mail message has the callerID information, date and time of the message, text notations associated with the message, and the message duration.  The end user can even attach an audio file of a voicemail and send it to someone!  Voicemails may be indexed and stored indefinitely as well.

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