Internet Filtering Service

Businesses today cannot do without an established Internet connection.  There are far too many benefits to lose if this is not a resource that is made available.

Mitigating Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and More

Yet, there remain issues with the dependability of internet connectivity.  Employees often spend time surfing the web instead of working. Visits by staff to spurious web sites can result in viruses, trojan and spyware infections.  Staff can be duped by spoofed or phoney email messages or phishing attacks.  A legitimate website can even cause a malware infection if it has been hacked without its owner’s knowledge.

No protection is perfect or foolproof.  We can improve your security by replacing your router with an advanced router from Cisco Meraki, or, by installing an online web filter appliance or both.

» Installing our filtering and monitoring appliance between your internet router and your network

» Inclusion of a first-level virus scan of all traffic

» The ability to block websites by category and by user

» An email phishing scanner

» Firewall controls that allow for the blocking of Internet traffic that may be spurious without interfering with the computer network

Computer Network Security Software Features

We provide the hardware and manage the device and its settings ourselves with no effort required by you or your staff, for a flat monthly fee.  The hardware is ours, so you have no monetary failure risks.  The management is by us, so no time is required from your staff.  Daily and weekly reports of Internet activity by user is also provided at no additional cost.

Contact us today and we can show your organization how to regain its staff efficiency and get back the full Internet bandwidth that it deserves and needs.  Phone 248-685-9881 or visit our Contact page.

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