IT Support Services

Megatechnologies, Inc. is able to provide scalable IT support solutions for most businesses.  Depending upon the comfort level of the client, and, their particular needs our team can quickly deliver service and support solutions that provide an immediate and positive impact for an organization.

On-Site IT Support Services and Capabilities

Perhaps the computer network at your company is having issues?  Or, everything IT related worked just fine on Friday afternoon and now its Monday and nothing works!

Below are only a few of the options that we can offer to a business for their on-site IT support:

» Computer Network Diagnostics

» Reconfiguring network routers

» Vulnerability testing of Wi-Fi networks

» Bandwidth analysis

» Replacement of consumer/residential class routers with commercial units

And much more!

Remote IT Support Services and Capabilities

The ability to provide remote support for business computer networks, servers, and pc’s, offers a tremendous advantage for the business community in regards to staff work production.

Being able to diagnose and solve problems remotely by Megatechnologies, Inc. offers some of these unique benefits to a customer:

» More timely with a “hands on” approach to solving your issues

» Faster implementation of real IT solutions that work

» Lower overall IT support related costs

» Proactive monitoring and mitigation of network issues

Choose Megatechnologies, Inc.

Businesses choose Megatechnologies, Inc. for their IT support needs because we have earned their trust over time.  Contact us today to learn how we can become your trusted IT advisor.

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