We have been providing specialized IT support to businesses since 1985 by performing the necessary functions of an IT staff for organizations that do not have a full-time IT staff.

We can accomplish what you need without the overhead of an internal IT department.  Utilizing any of our service options will have you paying only for the service time you need rather than a weekly payroll.

We perform technical support and assistance on a variety of important IT related functions, including but not limited to:

» Windows desktops and servers

» Linux desktops and servers

» SCO Unix

» Networks including hardware components and configuration

» Backup and disaster recovery

» Virus trojan and spyware infestations

» Various ERP systems including all flavors of RealWorld and Passport PBS Software

» Business telephone systems

And much more!

When Contacting Us

Our telephone number is 248-685-9881. Pressing zero when the system answers will either get you an attendant or will present you with an opportunity to leave a message. Our voice mail always pages someone when it arrives.

Contact Megatechnologies, Inc.